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, 1am talks, 80's music, a walk to remember, aerosmith, afi, bad religion, bam, banana cream pie, basketball, bass, best friends, black, black sabbath, blink182, bob marley, brand new, brownies, buttons, candles, cars, coffee bean, coldplay, cookies, cpk, cuddling, dashboard confessional, deep conversations, deep purple, drive-thru records, emo, emopunk, evanescence, eyeliner, fall out boy, family guy, finch, fire, friends, futurama, go ask alice, going to the mall, green day, guitar, guns n' roses, guys, halloween, hanging at friends houses, hanging out, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, homegrown, hugs, in n' out, italian food, jade puget, jamba juice, james dean, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, jolly ranchers, kurt cobain, lao, late-night phone calls, led zeppelin, levi's, listening to music, lyrics, lyrnyrd skynyrd, matchbook romance, memories, movies, muscle cars, music, mxpx, my cellphone, my chemical romance, nirvana, nofx, pasta, phantom planet, photos, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, pizookies, pizza, poems, poetry, pretty eyes, punk rock, radiohead, rainy days, random things, real world, relient k, rock, rooney, sandals, sharpies, singing, six flags, sleeping, smile empty soul, snow patrol, social distortion, something corporate, starbucks, stars, story of the year, strawberries, sublime, sunsets, switchfoot, taking back sunday, talking on the phone, tea, teddybears, the ataris, the cure, the early november, the lost prophets, the misfits, the movielife, the oc, the offspring, the ramones, the simpsons, the starting line, the used, three days grace, thrice, thursday, tip toe charlies, top gun, tv, vans, walking around in malls, walking around school, weirdness, yellowcard,

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